Company History

We started our journey with a small team of 5 members having 3 Developers and 2 QA. In the beginning, we were having only 2 projects and those were from the US. We initiated our journey with Skill set of Asp.Net, MVC, Webforms, C#, HTML5, Bootstrap, SQL, MySQL
By the end of 2016, we grew to a team of 10 members and expanded our global presence into few other countries like US, Canada, and some European countries. We introduced new technologies like Angular 1X, Kendo UI, Mongo DB, Telerik, Azure and DevOps.
Continuing our journey with a team of 16 highly experienced Developers and QAs, our global presence has reached to Japan, Iran and Dubai. We successfully tried our hands on new skills like Angular 2X, ASP.Net Zero, ASP.Net Core, Xamarin etc. We expanded our boundaries with new IT Services like Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation.
2018 has been a great year for us, CodeStore is now an ISO certified company. With a team of 25 highly motivated Designers, Innovators and Creators, our reach is now globally expanded to US, Canada, UK, Romania, Iran, UAE, Australia, Japan, and some European Countries. Our skills has updated to Angular 6, React Native, ReactJS, Ionic etc.