A clear definition of your job role

CodeStore makes sure that every employee gets a clear understanding of their responsibilities, even before they are hired. Our positions give employees a clear set of guidelines, helping them aim better towards their goals and expectations.

Our smart orientation program

We have an orientation model ready to groom newcomers into the workabouts and policies that you need to know, before getting started. You will be guided thoroughly and won’t feel amiss while blending into our environment.

Your very own work enviromment

We know that every employee has their own way of adapting to a new work environment. So when we interview you, we develop a personal profile on you to make sure that we can prep up all the tools ranging from office supplies and emails to important software that will get you started in no time. Your work space will be designed and setup ready to greet you on your first day of work.

One-to-one team initiators

CodeStore has developed a one-to-one initiation program for new employees. What this means is that you will have a guide assigned to you, in order to make sure that you get the right means to remove your obstacles. It doesn’t mean they will accomplish your works for you but they will make sure that you learn to gain work experience in the right way.

Reviews and analysis

We want to make sure that you do not feel burdened with unnecessary work or get stuck with something that you can’t seem to solve. CodeStore holds review and analysis meetings with you and your guides to evaluate your growth and the problems that you feel should be taken care of. Your feedbacks and inputs are kept anonymous and we make sure that both you and the company grow simultaneously.

Want to be a part of the CodeStore's team?

Check out our Careers page to apply for suitable openings...or you can mail us your CV and tell us why you will be a good hire!