Why CodeStore?

CodeStore provides development services that combine quality, efficiency and significant reduction on development costs.

Our services are provided through exclusive models of software development, depending on project requirements and client demands. Through our 24x7 offshore delivery we are able to generate an on-site presence, yet save costs significantly.

Rather than going for an all out approach we stick to our core strength in .Net Development and valuable experience in developing business solutions through various forms of software libraries and solidifying it through quality assurance and testing.

We have a Global Industry Presence.

CodeStore has fashioned over 30 software products for various industries and clients, globally. We constantly cater to enterprises located in USA, UK, Europe, India, Australia and various other locations across the globe.

Competitive costing, high level of coding & 24x7 technical support are the factors that separate our services from that of other software development companies. Get in touch with us for a free consultation over coffee.