Education & e-Learning

Software that builds the future of education.

CodeStore has worked with several educational enterprises over the year to hone its skills in the education and e-learning software development industry. We have developed several software solutions for Schools, Universities, Govt. Education Programmes, Global e-learning Programmes, m-Learning, Training Programmes and various others.

Educational software development is not an easy task. It requires the developer to have a sound knowledge of the cognitive thinking for the target audience to be captured. Codestore's software development team have gone through all the phases of developing quality products for the education industry. We have worked with established educational organizations over the world to provide the utmost standard in our quality.

Why choose CodeStore?

Educational products created by us has several advantages, imparting better knowledge and improving business. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Consistent expertise in developing software with cross platform interoperability
  • Strict abiding of regulatory compliances
  • Strict maintenance of educational standards
  • Native, web and hybrid solutions based on requirements
  • Database archiving for candidate and record data
  • Cross-platform e-learning and m-Learning software development experience