Shipping softwares that deliver efficiently.

CodeStore has been developing software solutions for several logistics services since it was created. We have sharpened our skills by implementing features such as logistics software for transport over air, sea and roads, transportation management, GPS based freight tracking, freight reservation managing, billing report, cost management, reverse logistics, customer analytics, business report and various others.

The present logistics industry requires software that provides agile and custom solutions. CodeStore software developers are highly experienced in providing the same. We have worked with established logistics organizations over the world to provide the utmost standard in our quality.

Why choose CodeStore?

Logistics software created by us has several advantages, improving delivery management and enhancing business metrics analysis. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions built specifically for your requirement
  • Consistent expertise in developing software with cross platform interoperability
  • Strict abiding of regulatory compliances
  • Strict maintenance of industry standards
  • Native, web and hybrid solutions based on requirements
  • Database visualization and archiving for customer record data
  • Cross-platform freight management software development experience