Windows Application Development
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Within our amazing team of talented, experienced developers are those dedicated to Windows application development. Our developers are technically expert with the new Windows technologies.

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Clean Code

With having clean code in mind we ensure ever lasting success in using and maintaining your applications and software.

Quality Control

With 4+ years of experience in IT industry, CodeStore has proved our competency and maintain a standard of providing quality services by thorough testing against the specification.


We understand the security of your idea and data is a big concern, so we make sure that it is well protected by our non-disclosure agreement.

Planned Evaluation

Nobody wants to regret later. That’s why we consult our team and provide evaluation of their idea. In this way, you can ensure where and why your idea and money is being used.

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The Secret That Makes Us Different.

CodeStore provides development services that combine quality, efficiency and significant reduction on development costs. Our services are provided through exclusive models of software development, depending on project requirements and client demands. Through our 24x7 offshore delivery we are able to generate an on-site presence, yet save costs significantly. Rather than going for an all-out approach we stick to our core strength in .Net Development and valuable experience in developing business solutions through various forms of software libraries and solidifying it through quality assurance and testing.

Application platforms

Universal Windows Platform a leading-edge platform for Windows applications and games which offers a powerful XAML UI model.

WPF is a graphical subsystem by Microsoft for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based applications.

Windows Forms is a graphical class library included as a part of Microsoft .NET Framework.

Progressive Web Apps are hybrid of regular web pages (or websites) and a mobile application.

Xamarin used to build cross-platform applications for Windows that can also run on iOS and Android.

Microsoft's Potential , Our Passion

Microsoft Corporation,an American Company found in 1975.Microsoft created Windows, a graphical user interface whose third version, released in 1990. As a result by the 1990s Microsoft, became a publicly owned corporation & one of the most powerful and profitable companies in American history. Since then microsoft is unstopable and so are we. Our team has passionate people great in Crafting Masterpieces. Our main motto is to maximize outcome on investments and leave our clients satisfied and coming back for more.

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